Branches. Task-Based Help

How to customize Branches in code

Branches are a special case of Xafari Service, therefore, the Branches service has the following features:

  • it is a XAF-application Singleton
  • it can be activated and deactivated
  • there are own specific settings

The main class is Xafari.BC.Branches.BranchesManager which is derived from the Xafari.BC.Services.XafariServiceBase<T>. To access the Branches service instance, use the following statement:

  • example


Get or set settings in the following manner:

  • c#
  • VB


Private Function () As Xafari.BC.Services.ServicesModelService.Instance.Model.Branches

ServiceModelService is a special service to provide interaction with the Services Model.

Branches method returns IModelBranches descendant that exposes the all Branches settings.