Audit. Limitations and Expected Improvements

Known limitations:

  1. When using a criteria the dates should be more than 1 January 1753 (due to a limitation MS-SQL)
  2. Audit may be enabled only for those collections that consist of XafariObject objects.
  3. Audit of non-persistent collections is available only if they are implemented using Weak References mechanism. Also these collections should be decorated with ReferenceAudit and BackReferenceProperty attributes.
  4. It is believed that the name of the key-field in the data type is «Oid».
  5. When modifying the collection's object or collection, the record for the object-owner will also be created in the protocol. But if the object-owner is also an element of some other collection, then another additional record will not be generated.
  6. Many parts of the transaction to change the collection (collection of objects) can be collapsed in a one record about collection modification. After detalisation all modifications will become visible.
  7. This caveat concerning the restructuring of business classes when developing an application. If the application already uses Audit and you redesign business classes, old triggers may remain in system. This old triggers may be incorrect. Therefore it is recommended to disable audit before changing the structure of the audited types, then the old triggers will be removed. Or delete generated triggers manually.
  8. To Audit began working you must at least once to execute Apply audit settings Action.

Is expected in the following versions:

  • Unsuccessful attempts to Log-In
  • Viewing Audit data on the Web
  • Eliminate the limitation №5
  • Roll back changes to a selected state